I finished my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2007 and currently working for a Swiss company active in the field of search technologies.

During my doctoral studies, I have been a research assistant at the computer science department of the University of Neuchâtel.  As a member of Information Retrieval (IR) group, I have been working with Professor Jacques Savoy on various aspects of information retrieval.  My research activities have focused on the development of search engines for Asian and Arabic languages as well as on effective merging strategies for multilingual systems.  As a result, many search strategies for these languages together with some European languages (French, German, Portuguese, English, Bulgarian and Hungarian) have been developed and evaluated in the major IR evaluation campaigns like NTCIR, TREC and CLEF.

My interests cover most things to do with information retrieval. In particular, I enjoy working on the development and implementation of retrieval models, indexing strategies, relevance feedback methods, merging techniques (in both the context of distributed IR and cross-lingual systems), and apply and evaluate these different approaches in the context of the web, domain specific (e.g. biomedecine) and cross-lingual systems.

In this site, you will find my publications and some links about my academic and personal interests.

My CV is available upon requests.